Connect With Your Children in Green Bay WI

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Dr. Brookh Lyons has written a beautiful book outlining how to connect with your children in Green Bay WI.

About the Book in Green Bay WI

A father's relationship with his daughter is precious. Without an intimate way to connect, this bond can become lost or forgotten. The Envelope System provides an eternal time capsule, where you -- the hero of her life are always remembered.

The Envelope System will help you:

  • Create your legacy, no matter how long you spend together
  • Communicate your wishes and concerns in a way that is well-received and appreciated
  • Help your daughter develop a healthy self-esteem and make better life-choices
  • Know the effort you put forth is as important as what you say
  • And lots more!
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If you are interested in building a legacy with your children, fill out the form below and Dr. Brookh will reach out with more information.


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