Weight Loss Testimonials

"Love them they are so helpful and patient."

- Cris Z.

"I have done more than my share of diets and this program by far was not only the most effective but the healthiest I have ever done."

- JimSue B.

"The team here is super awesome to work with. If you are looking to improve your health and drop some pounds, check them out!"

- Patty J.S.

"Easy plan, it's not like you're even dieting. Absolutely is going to be my lifestyle!"

- Diane S.

"Brookh's program has taught me so much! I have more energy and am able to sleep so much better after losing over 26lbs!!!"

- Jennifer C.

"I have only been with Body Bella for a little more than a month. Results a good, mind changing thoughts about eating are so helpful! Love Body Bella."

- Mary B.

"My fiancé and I have been on the program for a month now and I have to say this is so easy to follow! We eat regular food and never feel hungry after eating! i have lost 17lbs in one month & my fiancé has lost 27lbs! Brookh and Stephanie are both amazing and always available to answer any questions! If you are struggling with weight, give them a call, you won't be disappointed!"

- Anne H.H.

"Game changer for me! I am now feeling like I have my life back. Down 75 pounds and off my high blood pressure medication. Thank you Brookh and Stephanie!"

- Barb B.

"I have lost over 55 pounds. I have more energy and feel healthier."

- Julie C.

"Great program, tons of support, actually enjoyed it."

- Darla H.

"The educational piece that's offered in addition to the support that is needed at times."

- Heidi M.

"Brookh is amazing! This program is amazing! Once you're on it, stick to it... It works!!"

- Shelly R.D.

"Brookh, you are such a good cheerleader!!!!! Thanks. This weekend people will see me with a swimsuit on - surprise! Sure is nice to be able to get into my clothes again but the BEST part is - my knee doesn't hurt anymore.

BTW - I certainly don't crave sweets anymore."

- Sandy

"YES - thank you for your Body Bella Program - no prepared foods, very little alcohol, very few treats, and no constant eating. Getting rid of the insulin was amazing! Thank you!!!"

- Anonymous

"Over the past few years (since COVID) my weight began to creep up. I was making excuses for why my clothes didn't fit, wearing black, avoiding pictures, etc. I started working out @ the YMCA & felt stronger; but I still felt achy, low energy & the weight wasn't coming off. I thought I had a healthy diet; no medications, lots of water, whole foods, gluten free, organic... I didn't understand what the problem was. My girlfriends & I thought "we are in our 40's, maybe this is just how it's going to be?" Then I heard about Brookh's program & scheduled a consultation. What stood out most to me was that it all just made sense. Her program addresses full body nutrition: inflammation, habits/lifestyle, importance of whole foods, quantity management, hormones & its natural (which is important to me.) Honestly, this was the first time I had tried to lose weight & never wanted to give up. It doesn't feel like a diet, it feels like a lifestyle change. I know that moving forward, I'll always have the knowledge to keep (or get back) on track. I've lost over 30 lbs. in 3 months & feel better than ever!"

- LP

"Last week I found myself crossing my legs last I haven’t been able to do that in years."

- BL

"Last year my sister would drop me at the door of a store to shop, and pick me up again because my knees hurt so badly, I had no energy. Now my lab results are excellent, I can exercise without pain. I can’t believe it! I feel like this is the way, after trying Noom and Weight Watchers, this is the program that gets you off the crap."

- LL

"I lost 2x the weight than on the other programs.

My clothes are fitting better! I went from 3x to xl.

Overall I feel excellent. I have significantly improved my sleep, I have energy again and no sugar cravings. I even have excellent improvement in mental clarity on Brookh’s Body Bella Program! I can’t believe it was so simple, but it’s true!

It took me twice the time to lose the weight on Weight Watchers, but this time I learned how to maintain the weight I lost. This is the program that gets you off the crap. I feel great.”

- LL

"Healthy weight loss and fewer medications: When it comes to my body, I have tried a few different things, but the other programs are not sustainable and I gained the weight back. I never truly learned what/how my body needed to maintain the weight loss. I already understand so much more about eating and my relationship with it than I ever have. In addition to losing 12 pounds in a month! - I’ve lost a lot of the inflammation in my knees which feels amazing - sugar is not my friend! My goal is to get off my medication for my knees/inflammation. I’ve also lost that heartburn feeling that I would get later at night. Thank you Brookh!"

- Shannon

"Not only did I lose over 20 pounds in about 3 months but - the most important part - my knee stopped hurting. I had a crushed tibia plateau from a diving accident and when the doctor repaired it he told me it could only hold the weight I had at the time. I guess I didn't believe him and I gained over 20 pounds in 20 years. I couldn't handle the pain anymore and lost all that weight and now it doesn't hurt!!!!! I also had long-lasting shingles pain because of inflammation. With the new lifestyle, I got rid of the inflammation and got rid of that pain! It works and it is sooooo easy to do! My husband and I are both very happy with the results. BTW - he lost about 35 pounds!!!!"

- Sandy E.

"Since my wife and I started this program with Brookh at the beginning of July I’ve lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Went from a 42” waist down to a 36” waist. Just had a checkup with my doctor and she was very impressed with the numbers. I feel so much better not carrying that extra weight. BP medication was reduced. I also have more energy. Will continue with this program as I would like to lose 10 more pounds. We have the knowledge on how to make this happen."

- Ron

"I was skeptical, but this program definitely works. In 2 months I lost 35 lbs and dropped another 5 in maintenance. I knew I needed to do something because my blood pressure was high and I didn't want to take pills so went the healthy route. Now my blood pressure is normal, I'm not taking medication for reflux because I don't have reflux anymore. During the program, I was surprised how my sugar cravings went away and found out that certain foods bring my reflux back so I'll stay away from those. I'm sleeping much better, I feel better overall and I need a new belt."

- Patty V.

"I just wanted to let you know that the amount of Lantus I take has been reduced to 15 units! When I started on the Body Bella Program I was taking 45 units of Lantus, Jardiance, and metformin. No more! I have been on diabetic medications for over 30 years and didn’t believe I could even be off them. Thank you!"

- Ruth

"I chose this program because I wanted to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. I also wanted to address some numbers from my blood work. My primary care physician has indicated that being put on prescription medication to address these concerns is a high probability. I really don’t want to be dependent on prescription medication. I am looking forward to learning how to further support my body in a healthy way and losing more fat!"

- Amy D.C.

"My husband and I started together. Was helpful doing the program together. I lost 28 lbs. A recent visit to Dr. and numbers were better. I feel good about myself, my body feels different even inside. Was wearing 18W and now 14 so major closet change. The program will be lifelong and forever changing because of the life changes and I’m confident I know what to do now. Just a little more work to relieve stress."

- Darlene

"My knees are less inflamed and irritated so when I sit too long or stand too long, it’s a lot less painful! Oh and I’m down almost 15 lbs in a month so I’m pulling a smaller size out of my closet.

In the last 5 months, I have lost 49 pounds!! Inflammation in my body is gone, I no longer have pain in my knees, my energy is up and I feel incredible!! My lab tests have improved too! This program has become a lifestyle change and is very sustainable long term!! I feel like I have my life back!!"

- Leanne

"Even though I don’t see it when I look in the mirror, my body is getting smaller somewhere. I was able to fit in a dress I used to love to wear without a bodysuit or “sucking in my gut”.

Thank you, Brookh! You told me my medical doctor might reduce my medications and I really didn’t believe it because I have been on medication for so long! I’m off my medications now!"

- R.C.

"My Body Bella transformation was truly a journey I will never forget. When I began this adventure I hated the way I looked and my main goal was to lose all the unwanted weight. After about 6 months my journey changed and that was okay. My goal was to just be happy and healthy so I could have the baby I dreamt of. Well, this goal was met. Body Bella was more than a diet, it was a lifestyle change and it set me up for having a healthy baby boy. In the end, I lost about 50 pounds but I gained confidence, my health back, and so much more. Thank you Brookh Lyons at Body Bella Weight Loss for everything you have helped me accomplish and continue to help me accomplish."

- Halie

"Just began month 5 and I am officially down 35 pounds!"

- H.C.

"(1) Clothes fit way better - when they aren’t falling off! (2) Cut diabetes med in half and plan to do it again this week! (3) Got off one med-a statin. (4) cut another med in half that I was put on 7 years ago for lymphedema, which I no longer have! Will be going off that one in the next month. (5) No more fatigue during the day! (6) Spectacular sleep! (7) Energy! I am not near perfect, and I have slipped once in a while, but I’m still going strong!!"

- Erika

"After a hard weekend with the holidays, I got right back on track and I’m down another 4 pounds as if the weekend never happened! It definitely made me excited to step on the scale!

I’m on day 18 and have lost 14 lbs. AM

I’m early in the program; week two In the first week, I noticed my evening cravings went away after a few days. Normally when that craving feeling would come, I’d look in the cupboard or fridge for some snack (usually not a healthy one and more than 1 serving size) and be eating rather late in the evening before bedtime. When I felt this the first few days, I chose to drink more water instead. I believe the additional water and the nutritional supplement support have helped with the cravings going away. I lost 10 pounds in week one. I am appreciating learning to eat foods that are tasty and supporting my body to lose fat while keeping my muscle intact. I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping better (waking up fewer times or not at all during the night)."

- Amy D.

"I’m so excited!! This is the first time on a diet that I haven’t gained weight while I had my period!!! I actually lost 2.4 pounds this week DURING my period!!! I’m in my 50s and in peri-menopause so my hormones have been out of whack for years!! I’m thrilled to be down a total of 11 pounds so far since I started a month ago!!! Thank you, Brookh Lyons!!!!!

So that 1 last pair of jeans I told you about . . . I’m wearing them to work today!!!"

- Carrie

"I am so shocked that I have had no cravings since I started the nutrition part of the program 2 weeks ago! When I was on Noom, weight watchers, or Nutrisystem, I always craved junk food or felt bad because I couldn’t have something. Now I have zero cravings and recently sat at a table with a couple of people enjoying carrot cake and I didn’t feel tempted at all or sad that I didn’t have any!! I love this program!!

Before this program, I would snack before bed (mostly healthy things, but still) because I would feel hungry. I didn't always get all my meals in for the day because I was "too busy". My justification to myself was that it was ok to have a late-night snack because I didn't eat a lot during the day. Brookh and the program have helped me learn the importance of making sure to not only eat the right things but to make sure I eat all meals. The root cause of my nighttime eating was purely my body's way of saying I'm not getting what I need. Since working the program I can happily say I only have my water before bed - a better body, better sleep, better me!"

- Lindsay E.

"I have started maintenance now. I have lost 56 pounds. 19 pounds after I made my goal weight. Don't give up! The program works!"

- R.R.C.

"No sodas since the end of April. Off all meds and vitamins. Long way to go but have accomplished a lot so far."

- D.M.

"I fit into a pair of shorts I haven’t been able to get over my hips let alone button in 5 years!"

- Nadine

"Can fit into smaller clothes and still have a way to go on the journey… oh and STILL haven’t had a soda for 4 months which is huge since I was addicted to it!"

- Denise

"Down a couple of pant sizes and 65 lbs down!"

- Rick

'"Not the best 'After' picture, but these pants fit very nicely 3 months ago! I lost 2# overnight. Thank you Brookh, for all your support.

I really enjoy making the yummy recipes this program provides. They taste awesome and are very easy to make and keep you on track."

- Deb C.

"Hit one of my goals! My engagement ring fits comfortably again! This hasn’t fit well for 3 years when my hands swelled up with my first pregnancy."

- Jodi

"Thank you for your inspiration…"

- Pat

"I have finished month 3 of maintenance. I am keeping my weight within a 3# fluctuation of my goal weight. I have had diabetes for 32 years. When I started Brookh's Body Bella Program I was using 65 units of insulin. Now I am using 15 units of insulin and depending on the readings may not need any insulin. My A1C is 5.6 in April it was 6.6. I only need 1 blood pressure medication instead of 2 and I no longer need a prescription for acid reflux.

When I went to my heart doctor, she said to come back in 18 months, (I was going every 6 months) When I last saw my primary doctor my weight was in the normal range and my BMI was 24.92, in the normal range (it was over 35 in March). I started Body Bella at the end of March and have lost 67 pounds. The extra bonus to this is going from wearing plus size clothing to a regular size medium in tops and bottoms!

I stuck to the Body Bella Plan and even now when I eat way off the plan, I go back to the maintenance plan and don't stray too far from it."

- C.R.

"Thank you Brookh... Love the new me...working towards less of me."

- Nancy

"Brookh Lyons, thank you for sharing your Body Bella program and making it possible (for me to reach my goals)!"

- J.R.

"Rarely have sodas.... and I was addicted to them! Rarely have anything other than fruit for dessert. Rarely have a snack before bedtime."

- D.M.

"This journey has been an interesting one for me. My husband and I just found out that after almost a year and a half of trying, we are pregnant! Now to use what I know to make sure this is a happy and healthy baby.

I lost 17 pounds in Maintenance after the "after" photo was taken. I do work at keeping the weight off. I am so pleased with the reduction in medication weight loss has achieved. The smaller size clothing is a bonus! Thanks for your help."

- Ruth

"My fiancée and I started the program on July 11, 2022. I lost 33 pounds in about 2 and a half months. Fastest I have ever lost pounds on any program. The program is incredibly easy to follow. No gimmicks, no starving, in fact, I had a hard time getting all 3 meals in. My triglycerides have gone from 250 down to 76. My AlC is now below 6."

- Laurie

"Cholesterol dropped 34 points, triglycerides dropped 130 points! I can walk down steps one foot in front of the other instead of one foot at a time while holding the handrail or wall. I wake up without an alarm and have energy til 10 pm."

- Amy

"My health has changed drastically in the last 4.5 months. In June 2022 I reached my highest weight ever!! I was newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and I was at an all-time low in my health. That’s when I attended a presentation by Brookh Lyons at my chiropractor, Dr. Casteel’s office. He was making great progress with my areas needing adjustments but I struggled to lose weight and my joints were suffering wear and tear!! I avoided walking as much as I could because it hurt so much. I was so limited in what I could do. I was intrigued by The Body Bella Transformation Program so I went to my free consultation. I tried other programs and after about 20-25 pounds I’d lose interest or not be able to stay on the diet. I hoped this would be different. This has been the easiest diet I’ve ever been on and 4.5 months later I’m down 46 pounds!! Inflammation in my body is gone, I no longer have pain in my knees, my energy is up and I feel incredible!! I feel like I have my life back and I’m forever grateful!! Brookh Lyons…. I’m so thankful to you!! You have saved my life!!!!"

- Leanne

"She is very supportive and helpful. She provides very wonderful recommendations and advice. I love her public speaking way. She has very lovely ideas and thoughts."

- Raed S.

"I cannot say enough about Brooke! I have known her professionally for 8 years but never really took the time to take in her services until recently, and just the first 1-hour session was a total game changer. What’s different about Brookh is that she truly LISTENS. Many people say they listen, but they are often too focused on their own experiences or what they want to say in the conversation. Brookh is genuine and has a heart of gold - and a true passion for helping others to be the best version of themselves. Thank you, Brookh!"

- Jill U.

"Thank you Brookh for hosting this event! (Roar Conference 2018!) I walked away with so much insight, encouragement, and passion! 2018 has been a rough one, to say the least, something needed to happen, to change. I truly stumbled upon the event 2 days before, and I answered the call!! I’ve been writing in my ROAR workbook ever since. Figuring out my purpose, and my personal mission statement, remember who I was and who I am, and not just my “role”. I can’t even think what my greatest takeaway was! Every time I think I figured out my favorite part, I flip through my workbook and remember something else. Not only were the speakers fantastic, but I felt comfortable and relaxed. I love that it was not a perfectly choreographed production with lights and sounds, scripts, and cues. It was women, talking with women, except one had a microphone. Thank you for helping to bring the movement to GB women that we should be celebrating each other and supporting one another, not criticizing and competing. I could go on all day! Seriously, I can’t wait for Roar Conference 2019! Thanks again Brookh! #roarwomengb #legacyrevolution"

- Debbie W.

"Very knowledgeable and genuinely cares for people, she has a passion for spreading the truth!"

- Julie A.

"Educated, compassionate and authentic. All the core values seldom found today in healing work-oh, and did I mention a great sense of humor?"

- Luanne C.

"Such insight, motivation & excitement offered by Brookh Lyons! She asks the "right" questions and offers insightful advice to help you target the root of thinking or of an idea/belief about yourself and/or your life! In a short coaching session, she helped me identify the top 3 desires I wanted to envision for my life AND layout attainable goals that helped ignite confidence in myself, even in the future through implementing these goals! Thank you for your passion for helping others in life, by simply being YOU, a kind, caring, compassionate, honest, a real woman!"

- Holly F.

"I am so excited to share... I was so down and feeling defeated. I always have a great list of things I want to accomplish, goals for myself, my children, and my home.. but I seem to keep chasing my tail in exhaustion and seem to make little progress. I end up feeling like a failure, feeling like I will never get ahead, and like I am just surviving the day-to-day so how could I consistently even attempt progress in any area? I have all these ideals and no game plan. In total exasperation, I joined the group hoping to find a little encouragement and guidance in any direction. I decided to take Brooke up on her offer for a coaching session. I was nervous because I was not sure what I would say. If I don't have anything figured out how could I even share that with her without seeming like a disheveled mess? Throughout our session, she guided me by asking me questions helping me figure out a plan, and talking me through how I could implement the plan I needed to be successful. It was just the nudge of support and guidance I needed to start on my path to success in the areas I need. Thank you so much Brookh for giving me the push and positive encouragement I needed. Your confidence in me to succeed gave me the faith in myself to do it! The tools you gave me are going to make all the difference. I'm ready to rock this! Thank you!"

- Nina U.

"Brookh Lyons is truly amazing. A wonderful coach. In every sense of the word. For personal improvement, and as a coach to look up to. She does all she says she can do and I believe so much more. Every opportunity that I get to hear Brookh speak I make it happen. I always leave with something new. Be it something new to think about, an answer to something I had been thinking about, or my all-time favorite. Brookh puts words to my pictures. Which is such a gift to me. It's so hard to communicate with others when you don't have words. So the gift of new vocabulary to communicate with is life-changing. Brookh Lyons, I thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful gift with me."

- Sandy N.

"Just know that your message got across and I know you touched lives this morning! You are so real, down-to-earth, and relatable that you are really easy to listen to. It was such a pleasure to meet you."

- Beth J.

"I remember you taking time to pray with me and you didn't even know who I was, but you prayed so passionately on my behalf. As I drove away I knew that I wanted to be able to have that kind of relationship with God. That day I stopped fighting my husband and started trusting God. I've had many people pray with me, but no one has ever prayed so passionately for me having just met me.

Later Mollina E: My marriage is worse now than it was that day you prayed with me, but I have a closer relationship with God today. I didn't know what it meant to truly pray until that day and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I still struggle most days, but I know that I can talk to God."

- Mollina E.

"The one thing that I was struck by was how un-alone {if that makes sense} I am in the journey of life. We all have things we do well and things we struggle with. Not one of us is perfect. That was very powerful for me - as someone who thinks my chaotic and most of the time un-magazine like my home is. I have to let go of my pride and say "it's okay to not be perfect" and then move forward to work on things that can be changed. Like my attitude!! Working towards a peaceful home brought me to tears last night as the chaos of 3 overtired kiddos bickering and disobeying took over. But, some time in prayer and removing myself from the situation averted a "yearly" mom scenario. I guess I need to take more time to cool down when I feel overwhelmed. Praise God I have an awesome supportive husband!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing your gifts this morning! I feel so honored."

- Tonia D.

"Had the pleasure of listening to and talking with Brookh Lyons at MOPS today!! What an amazing, wonderful woman! If you get the chance to meet her, do so!! She radiates warmth and joy and is such a sweet person!

Thank you for your honesty and openness, so rejuvenating and what I needed!"

- Holly H.

"Thank you!! Wish we could have had more time to listen to you!!"

- Ashly B.

"Thank you for what you do in the world...nurturing that "peace" in our most valued relationships is so important to me too!"

- Kat Y.

"I. AM. Good enough, right Now!
Your message, your words, and your time today will resonate with me forever."

- Brooke J.

"Good morning, I want to take a minute to say Thank You! I am a believer of things happen for a reason and my subbing at BNI last year was so miraculous - without it, I'm not sure where my son would be today! You do amazing things for people and I know you change lives every day. Have a wonderful day :)"

- Heather L.

"Thank you SO much for sharing your gifts this morning! I feel so honored that my suggestions were welcomed and implemented!! 🙂

I love these types of things...I've always been a seeker of self-improvement (and man do I have a lot of work to do!), perhaps that's why I feel so drawn to you! 🙂

I totally missed what the mama towards the end was asking/sharing (too many cups of coffee, needed a bathroom break!) but everyone seemed to agree with what she shared. Could you briefly reiterate what she shared? I think it may have addressed something I've been struggling with myself."

- Tanya D.

"Thank you so much! Keep sharing your message...we are listening!"

- Jennifer H.

"I have been following you and watching your videos. I am so excited and in awe of you! You are so inspiring and your way of speaking makes me think of you as this well-known famous person and then I tell myself I know this lady, I really do!! So proud of you and love seeing your kids and how much they have grown and love seeing your post about Dan and how much you two are in love! Keep going strong you are reaching more people than you think!"

- Lisa B.

"Well, glory is to God. Krystal and I were just speaking of you yesterday and how you have "touched" our lives SO much. Thank you again Brookh."

- Kym R.

"Thank you very much Brookh! you are wonderful. Always a happy smile and accomplishing a ton! Glad to know you :-)! I love hearing you talk – you have a very calming voice and you always have great things to say."

- Lori F.

"I just love you!! Drop the poop... Yes!! Bernadette M Check out  Brookh Lyons! She can help! It's the time!"

- Kat M.


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